Master Priya Sher - Feng Shui Teacher & Consultant - Creating Harmony in your Home and Work Space


Priya Sher's Feng Shui consultancy is based in Regents Park London, England. 


Experienced, Established, Fully Accredited & Certified 

Since 2001 Priya has performed many thousands of Home and Business Feng Shui consultations, following rigorous and extensive feng shui training with one of the world's most skilled Masters of Feng Shui, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.

Priya Sher - Feng Shui Consultant London

Priya Sher - Feng Shui Consultant London

Feng Shui Consultations for your Home

As a full time professional feng shui consultant, Priya imaginatively enhances her clients personal lifestyles.

Homes in London and abroad range from small studio apartments to large luxury developments, mansions and even opulent yachts. Clients include celebrities and visionaries:

"Priya was very professional in her approach." - Paulo Coelho (Author of 'The Alchemist')

Priya also offers a property selection service and has assisted hundreds of clients in finding the correct property for themselves, the feng shui of which will support both their health and wealth.  

She is a specialist in creating spaces that satisfy the clients taste; contemporary or traditional, Priya will, with her feng shui expertise introduce a warm feel, elegantly fulfilling the client's needs whilst enhancing every aspect of the client's life.

"I’m now a total feng shui convert.  If I was skeptical at the start, I’m not any more.  After Priya’s consultation I instantly felt positive and energized.  The very next day after the changes I was offered the job I had been waiting for. Since then, events in my working life have been all go.  Priya's advice was concise, manageable and easy to follow.” Emma Pritchard - Features Writer Woman & Home Magazine (full review in Soul & Spirit Magazine see link on the media page)

Feng Shui Consultations for Small Business & Commercial

She has also performed many hundreds of business consultations for clients including new build projects, small businesses and large corporate clients and improved their quality of life and business success. 

Commercial feng shui clients in London and abroad include: Investment banks, luxury developers, perfume and beauty industry, law firms, accountancies, casino's, IT firms, recruitment consultancies, property agencies, car rental firms, tour operators, art galleries, beauty spas, care homes, health clinics, wine & champagne bars, bistros, coffee shops and restaurants.

"Priya was creative, flexible & fitted in seamlessly with our team of designers for the Macquarie Bank project in the Moorhouse building, designed by Foster & Partners."  Pringle Brandon

  Genting Resorts World Birmingham - Priya's recent feng shui project completed in October 2015 - Priya worked on this project from its inception and selected the facing position of the building - The building is positioned facing the Pentigo Lake on auspicious hexagrams.


Genting Resorts World Birmingham - Priya's recent feng shui project completed in October 2015 - Priya worked on this project from its inception and selected the facing position of the building - The building is positioned facing the Pentigo Lake on auspicious hexagrams.

Priya Sher has provided invaluable assistance in our redevelopment and new build projects, ensuring that Feng Shui needs are properly considered at the design stage. Her approach is entirely collaborative and pragmatic and her delivery reliable and professional. We continue to consult with her on our ongoing project work.
David Davis - Director of Commercial Operations - Genting

Priya has also been working alongside one of the UK's premier luxury developers for multimillion pound properties - above some of Priya's recent feng shui projects with Octagon Developments

"We have found Priya Sher's Feng Shui Services to be professional, effective and efficient" - Richard Galland - Octagon Developments

Cavendish House has won the award for the 'Best Luxury Property' at The Evening Standard Property Awards 2016

Above a short film for Priya Sher's client The Harmonist a luxury perfume created based on the five feng shui elements.  The perfume is selected using the clients personal bazi (astrological) element to encourage beneficial energy in the area of their life that they are looking to enhance: creativity, seduction, status, prosperity, wisdom etc.

Priya has been instrumental for The Harmonist. Her knowledge and experience in Feng Shui have enlightened our teams and she is a constant source of improvement for the way we succeed through The Harmonist. Our customers adore her Feng Shui consultations. Priya is a great portal for anyone looking to learn more about her/himself.
— Segundo Broggi - General Manager at The Harmonist

Above some of Priya Sher's recent feng shui projects: Octagon Developments, Genting Resorts World, Little Bay & The Harmonist

Additionally, Priya has advised and provided consultations to local government administrative offices.

Walthamstow Town Hall and administrative offices London

Walthamstow Town Hall and administrative offices London

Being a successful feng shui and face reading specialist, advisor and consultant Priya is regularly featured in the Media, please click on the media page for links to magazines.


Priya's feng shui lineage goes back many hundreds of years to the Song Dynasty and to the Imperial Courts of China. She has been awarded the prestigious title of 'Master' by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. She is an approved Feng Shui and Accredited Face Reading teacher, specialist, advisor and consultant with the Premiere International feng shui accreditation, research and teaching body 'The Chue Foundation'.

Additionally she offers, I Ching, bazi horoscope readings, auspicious date selection and space clearing services to her clients. 

Priya has a BA (hons) in Classics and Philosophy, a Masters Degree (dist) in Human Resource Management and a background in Management Consulting.  She also offers recruitment selection services to businesses based on her Human Resources background, qualifications and experience combined with her face reading abilities. 

Social Media & TV

Priya has been named the top most influential feng shui consultant on twitter and is fortunate enough to have over 22,000 Followers and Friends on Facebook and followers on  Twitter have included world renowned visionaries; Paulo Coelho, Tony Robbins,  Deepak Chopra and Film personalities such as Jeremy Piven and world renowned boxing champion Lennox Lewis.

Priya was also featured in an interview in the 2015 Big Brother to provide a face reading analysis of the housemates.


Priya Sher and Rylan Clark on Big Brother 2015

Priya Sher and Rylan Clark on Big Brother 2015 Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins


She has held the prestigious position of  Vice Chairman from 2011 to 2014 and the post of Newsletter Editor from 2008-2011 for the Feng Shui Chue Foundation.

Priya's feng shui base is in London but she travels internationally