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'Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.'


Do you want to know yourself better? Are you looking for a partner or even an employee? If you are, then face reading skills may give you the knowledge and power to access this knowledge accurately and efficiently.

Are you looking for someone reliable, honest, caring and kind? These are qualities we all look for in people that we want to be friends with or people we want to work with.  These qualities are all visible on our faces, but only if we learn to read and recognize them.

‘We are not responsible for how we look at birth, but by the age of 50, our face bears the record of our lifetime of choices’ Abraham Lincoln

Face reading can be a means of determining the health, character, relationships and luck of an individual. Every part of the face reflects a different age, aspect and organ of our body.

Face reading can be used as a diagnostic tool as all of our internal organs are reflected on our face.  It can also be used as a predicative tool as there is a point for every age in our life.

Each face is a reflection of a persons life. 

‘The face is the mirror of the mind, and the eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.’ St Jerome

Face reading can enable you to develop a deeper understanding of any person, aiding you in making important decisions.

Face reading skills and consultants are used in many walks of life from: traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, criminal investigations, recruitment selection, psychological analysis and even in animation films.

‘Nature gives us the face we have at 20, life shapes the face we have at 30, but at the age of 50 we have the face we deserve’ Coco Chanel

Priya Sher has provided Face Reading analysis for Marie Claire magazine and her readings were absolutely “dead on”
— Lauren Valenti
It was a pleasure having you on the show. Everything you said was great and so interesting!
— Big Brother UK
Priya Sher was invited on the Big Brother show to provide a face reading analysis of the housemates - pictured above Priya Sher & Rylan Clark

Priya Sher was invited on the Big Brother show to provide a face reading analysis of the housemates - pictured above Priya Sher & Rylan Clark

‘Without Lineage there is nothing’

Priya has been awarded the title of Face Reading Master by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.  Grand Master Chan Kun Wah has a lineage going back to the Song Dynasty, dating 960-1279. His great great great grand master Chan Hai Yee was a very well respected Master In face reading and passed his knowledge down a long line of masters to the present day.

This material is not available in any books and is only passed from teacher to student.  

Priya performs workshops internationally teaching the art of face reading.

Testimonials below from Priya's face reading course in Geneva Switzerland April 2017:

Testimonials below from Priya's face reading course in Paris France November 2016:

Testimonials from Priya's face reading class in Germany Feb 2009

'Very enlightening information and a beautifully interesting subject.
The knowledge is useful for multilateral adoption.
It is a very good tool in both private and business life.
Priya is a brilliant teacher and I salute her elegant and loving teaching style.'
Anne Strasser-Steixner (Germany - Feb 09)

'Seeing people now with different eyes. I think this weekend starts something new in my life. I am enthused at Priya's teaching and absolutely persuaded by the subject.
Thanks so much for this new experience.'
Frank Brütting (Germany - Feb 09)

Priya Sher is a fully accredited face reading teacher and has studied this fascinating and highly skilled subject with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.

This material is not available in any books and is only passed from teacher to student!

Almost anything you want to know about a person can be read on their face.

Every part of the face reflects a different age, aspect and organ of our body.

It gives you the information you need to make important decisions and enables you to develop a deeper understanding of any person you meet.

In the 3 day face reading course you will be guided through the five elements of the different features of the face as well as the difference between the ´colour` and the ´chi` of the face.  Interpreting the face ´colour' can determine the health levels of different internal organs.  We will learn how to map the facial areas, relating them to the 12 palaces, which define aspects of health, wealth, partner and property etc.  Charting the ‘age map’ details yearly influences according to the conditions of specific areas of the face. 

We look forward to welcoming you on this 3 day journey, that will change the way you look at anyone forever.

Next Face Reading Course:

21st - 23rd February 2020

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 Face Reading For Relationships (article from Priya Sher's blog)


Ever since I have been studying and working as a face reader the most popular question I have always been asked by friends and clients is: how suitable is my partner for me? Or will this potential boyfriend or girlfriend be a good match for me? The onslaught of online dating has inundated me with friends and clients sending me photo after photo of potential boyfriend and girlfriend material to check their suitability for them.

If you are wondering how this is possible then let me explain: Each of us have our unique faces with our unique features and these features and the shape of our face either combine or clash with another’s face.  Depending on how severe the crash or combination is, it indicates the suitability and potential of the relationship.

All face shapes are a certain element or combination of elements.  If you are well versed in TCM or feng shui you will be well acquainted with the cycle of elements. Wood supports Fire supports Earth supports Metal supports Water supports Wood Wood crashes Earth crashes Water crashes Fire crashes Metal crashes Wood Therefore, if you and your partner are in the support cycle then the relationship can be very good e.g. a fire and wood person.  However, if you are in crash cycle e.g. wood and metal,  then the relationship can be very passionate but will not usually end well. The shapes of our faces are one indicator.

However, another very powerful tool is to see if your partners features display an excess of infidelity, selfishness or control etc.  If that is the case then it would not be suitable to enter this relationship for a person who did not have the patience for such traits.  Of course all of us have these traits to a certain extent but the problem arises when these traits are out of control and result in a traumatic relationship.

So you may be wondering how reliable face reading actually is? So far I have made many predictions for celebrity couples in my face reading classes and so far all have been accurate.  Of course, I can also safely say that face reading has been around for centuries and if there was no substance to it, it would have disappeared a very long time ago!


To book a 45min face reading consultation at the Hale Clinic in Regents Park London or a online face reading consultation  email: facereading.bookings@gmail.com

Face Reading for Recruitment

With her background in Management Consulting and Human Resource Management, Priya can be a great person to have on board your recruitment team.

As an independent consultant Priya can assist you in selecting the most suitable employees for your company. She has worked in both small companies and large blue chip organizations such as KPMG.  She has also assisted the House of Commons in their HR requirements.

A crucial step in any business is the recruitment of suitable staff. This is also often the most difficult decision.

Being trained in both face reading and recruitment, Priya has a clear advantage and is able to make a quick and accurate assessment of a persons suitability for a position, that does not depend on the accuracy of an often exaggerated C.V.  or the honesty of the candidate in the interview.

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