Consultation Process -

Creating Harmony in your Home and Work Environment

Priya Sher - Feng Shui Consultant Specialist London

Priya Sher - Feng Shui Consultant Specialist London

Email or call Priya for a consultation.  Priya will have an initial conversation with you to discuss your needs and expectations and then arrange a time to visit your property for the consultation. 

Priya will visit your property.  She will survey the business or home to evaluate its form and surroundings.  Measurements will be taken with the Imperial Lo Pan compass.  This will be followed by a detailed analysis of your property, noting details in every room, living space, back and front garden. This can take between 2-8 hours.  Calculations performed include: Yuen hom flying star, Chee Ba, Ba Chop, 8 fate kwas, Sam Yuen, Sam Hap double mountain, Sam hap flying star, 24 heaven star, Sang Sit and Ba Zi.

This will be followed by a report including realistic recommendations to maximize the potential of your property. 

"I was impressed at the simplicity of it all.  I’d been expecting lots of dramatic changes but the whole process was extremely straightforward and easily achievable, and combined with Priya’s approachable and kind manner, it is even quite fun." Emma Pritchard - Features Writer ( Full article in Soul & Spirit Magazine)

How should you prepare for a consultation?

  • Intention - Have a clear idea of why you need this consultation; what areas of your life would you like to improve?

  • Floorplans - You will need to prepare floor plans (hand drawn is fine) to scale of your property. You will be able to get a surveyor to draw these or in some cases the local council or estate agent to provide these for you, or you can do these yourself.

  • Astrology - You will need to provide Priya with all the family or if it is a business the key employees’ dates of birth before the date of the consultation.


Priya regularly travels all over the world to perform feng shui consultations.  However, for International clients she does on very rare occasions provide remote feng shui consultations.  For this you would need to provide: floor-plans, photographs inside and outside, orientation of your property and a google location link and the occupants dates of birth.  A remote consultation will be basic and is not a substitute for an on site consultation.

Payment & Fees

Fees will vary dependent on the size and complexity of the property or business. As a guide Priya may require between 2-8 hours at your property. For Mansions, Hotels and large businesses the consultation will take several days -

Fees begin at £618 for a half day consultation for a small property e.g studio/ 1 bed apartment.  

Payment can be made via bank transfer or cash.

Please contact Priya for a free quotation.  


Please note that full payment is due on the day of the consultation




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