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"In Chinese Metaphysics it is maintained that without Lineage there is nothing. Honor to our ancestors demands that we be the best that we can be. Chue Style Feng Shui has a rich and documented lineage that we are very proud of indeed. From Master Chan Kun Wah we find a link to the sources of power and longevity in the ancient Imperial Courts of China.

Without a strong future there is no celebration of the past, so we must continue the line into future generations. Our learning is the property of those who follow after us.

Trace this golden chain of skill and discovery from the Imperial Palace itself where our Great Grand Master Chan He Ye was an acknowledged expert in the powerful Yuen Hom Style of Feng Shui. Working at the highest levels, he was consultant to both the Chinese Royal Family and the Ching Government. The lineage continues through Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

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From the age of 14 he began to study Feng Shui as the sole student of Grand Master Chue Yen. This was extremely hard work for a teenager, and at first he did not realize how privileged he was. In the early years he tried to trick his Master in the hope that he might prove him false, and then be justified in leaving! But the Master repeatedly proved his incredible powers, and the young man grew to embody the tradition of his Lineage, learning the craft of the Imperial Courts. He would often follow him into the mountains to taste the Qi very early in the morning, with a day at school still before him!

GM Chue told his student that his future lay in the West. The precise date was given when it would be time to claim the mantle of the Master. He was also told that he must concentrate on study and research, also of the Forms of the Western World, so very different to those of China. It was a great wrench, but Master Chan set up home in the UK and continued his studies. Although he had passed the tests that gave him the right to call himself a Master, Master Chan waited, and on the foretold day a reporter knocked on his door wanting to do an article on real Feng Shui! The new era of Feng Shui in the West had begun.

He began teaching and students flocked to learn the authentic material he was sharing. Master Chan established the Chue Foundation in Edinburgh to promote growth of genuine Feng Shui. The Foundation had long existed in Hong Kong, but GM Chue Yen closed it and bequeathed it to Master Chan, so that he could inspire a new generation of Western adherents in following the path of logic and research. GM Chue had found Eastern students to be too unquestioning of Tradition, and saw in the West the chance to keep the flame alive in a time when the very world would be under threat from human greed, and the truth of the Ancients would be needed more than ever!"

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